The passion, attention to detail and rigour used in choosing an accessory is the same passion, attention to detail and rigour that our team dedicates to each of our products.

K•LAB is where Kappa tests and analyses its products, taking them to the limit, looking for valuable information to help improve, innovate, re-think and constantly propose new solutions.

The union with K•LAB, equipped with modern crash test machines and the collaboration with external labs, which have sophisticated optical benches and specrophotometers to check the homologation of visors, allows Kappa to play an important role in research and places the company at the forefront of the market in respect of safety and comfort on two wheels.

In an effort to achieve a level of absolute safety for the final product, technicians and engineers analyse all kinds of impacts that a helmet may sustain in every riding situation and in all weathers.

Young testers live the city, connecting their smartphones, loading and unloading their top boxes between home and university or work.  They take all their products to K•LAB to share their ideas and feedback with technicians and designers, with the aim of helping Kappa to continually improve.

Thanks to the compliance of the machines and the high level of professionalism of its team, Kappa has obtained the auto-certification provided for in the ECE/ONU 22-05 regulation, which allows the company to execute production controls internally, distinguishing itself within the industry for its attention and passion dedicated to creating an optimal product.

The experience and professionalism of a competent team, along with the use of materials of indisputable quality, offers bike riders an unrivalled guarantee of safety, allowing them to ignore all practical aspects and to fully enjoy the feelings their passion awards them.