Ep. 1 The true Garage Attitude

Ep. 1 The true Garage Attitude

The true Garage Attitude
Born in the workshop, lives in the streets


We know the feeling to own a motorcycle, the pride to be a rider.
We work hard to make you feel you have anything under control.
We introduce innovative solutions, easy to use, made to protect you.

During work session at the K•LAB you always hear
«We just don’t “add stuff” to make things complicated but to meet,
with our experience, the needs of any motorcyclist”.

Kappa designs and develops in Italy,
where the knowledge of materials, commitment, technology and passion
for anything on two wheels gravitate around the rider.



Wear your helmet and follow us in this journey.
Year after year, when we are designing our range,
we do it to make your daily rides safer.