Ideal for daily commuting and urban itineraries; a sporty and unique design with a long protective visor.

Studied in our K•LAB research centre, KV22 FLORIDA is the JET with a double visor, designed for superior protection from the wind combined with the exclusive Kappa design.
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KV22 is provided with a long visor offering greater protection and ample visibility, the addition of a further easily removable sun visor offers the biker the best visibility in all light conditions.

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Maximum care has been taken in the production of the interior, using antibacterial, hypoallergenic cutting edge fabrics.

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Practical, with an adaptable restraint system, with reinforced quick-release micro-ratchet straps.

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Helmets / Accessories for helmets /
  • Helmets produced by Kappa guarantee the total weight is reduced to a minimum; thus ensuring comfort and increased safety in the event of an accident. A light helmet is a safe helmet as it limits the strain on the neck’s articulation as a result of jolts.

  • Kappa produces shells in various sizes; producing shells in various sizes is fundamental to guarantee a comfortable fit and the correct proportion of the internal padding.

  • Completely removable and washable cheek pads; guaranteeing a perfect fit in any condition and easy maintenance.

  • Practical removable interiors, made with cutting-edge, highly breathable and washable fabrics.

  • Provided with a long visor offering increased protection and ample visibility, in addition to a further easily removable and useful sun visor. Perfect in any light condition.

  • Kappa uses a micro-ratchet closing system, with quick release reinforced closing. Practical both when opening and closing and perfectly adjustable.

  • Maximum care is taken by Kappa in respect of the interior materials; using antibacterial, hypoallergenic cutting edge fabrics.

  • Antiscratch protective lenses in high-resistance polycarbonate.