A top case that is both practical and light and easy to attach. Innovation and top-quality materials merge in the K355.

A patented case fixing system that introduces an element of great interest to the well tested Monokey® system. The novelty is represented by the use of two new fixing points positioned so as to determine a significant increase in safety, thanks to the stability of the case on the motorbike.
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A 35-Litre capacity top case, with a snap fastening system on the lid. Designed to easily contain one full-face helmet.

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The design of the reflectors follows the modern and futuristic style typical of the automotive industry, providing excellent visibility and as a result, significantly increasing safety.

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Cases / Monolock® System / K355N
  • Kappa studies shells that make the most of all available space and guarantee exceptional load capacities.

  • The in-depth study of the stress dynamics on shells and frames has brought us to develop cases which are able to sustain high load capacities.

  • Sturdiness, reliability and excellent load capacity: all this characterises Kappa top cases, the product that has made us famous the World over.

  • can easily contain a modular helmet.

  • Monolock combines the renowned characteristics of ease-of-use and resistance of the Monokey®. System with smaller dimensions and less weight.


35 ltr capacity water resistant top-case, available in black, with the MONOLOCK® fitting system and designed to contain one complete full-face helmet. With a snap fastening system on the lid, exclusive aesthetics incorporating a reflector and embossed logo plate.
This model is not equipped with a paintable cover on the lid. The base and lid are PP (polypropylene) and the reflector is PC (polycarbonate).

• Base and lid in PP (polypropylene)
• Reflector in PC (polycarbonate)
• Central plate in ABS, painted A900




Backrest in polyurethane foam, covered in fabric


Set of 1 key locks with corresponding bush including under lock platels.