The perfect combination of design, innovation and high-quality materials The indispensable top and side cases that ensure comfort on long trips, whilst continually maintaining their unique and essential style.

Monokey® is the fitting system for panniers and top cases most famous in the world. The Monokey® has introduced the possibility to operate with only one key both for the opening and the detachment of the case from the fitting plate.
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KGR 46


The KGR46, with its up-to-date modern design, is produced in black with a natural aluminium colour insert on the lid.
Quality and design unite in a unique version of the top case that meets the expectations of even the most demanding of motorcyclists.

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KGR 46


The KGR46 top case has the capacity to store one modular helmet, which is the perfect style of helmet for motorcyclists who live their life on two wheels.

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Cases / Monokey® / KGR46 GARDA
  • Kappa studies shells that make the most of all available space and guarantee exceptional load capacities.

  • The in-depth study of the stress dynamics on shells and frames has brought us to develop cases which are able to sustain high load capacities.

  • Side cases produced by Kappa are studied in order to obtain optimal integration with the motorbike and the best compromise between load capacity and aerodynamics.

  • Sturdiness, reliability and excellent load capacity: all this characterises Kappa top cases, the product that has made us famous the World over.

  • can easily contain a modular helmet.

  • The patented Monokey® system enables the case to be opened and removed from the fixing plate using just one key. Its simplicity, sturdiness and reliability have made it the standard for the motorbike world.


Can be used as a MONOKEY® top-case or as a side-case, 46 ltr.
Black bottom shell in Fiberglass Reinforced technopolymer material with silver cover

For its cases, KAPPA guarantees a degree of water resistance equivalent to a heavy rain. In particular, cases are tested with a special machine that simulates rain with a flow rate of 20 ltr/min.
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Kit of 4 rings for the fitting of the elastic net K9910.


Elastic carrying net


Inner bag


Set of 1 key locks with corresponding bush including under lock platels.


Support in stainless steel for thermal flask. Compatible with KVE58 / KVE42 / KVE37 and KGR33 / KGR46


Universal Nylon Rack with fitting system with half-spheres to fit the feet to the different top-cases round shapes