A pair of black embossed, waterproof side cases, ready to for any challenge or simply for a long trip or to take your laptop to work.

A patented system offering an interesting alternative to the biker who is interested in mounting side frames and rigid cases to their bike. The innovation is represented by the slanted shape of the support frame which is more in line with the framework of the bike and with two new "sliding" fixing points and by the moulded profile of the cases that use this system.
Monokey® Side offers improved aerodynamics and reduces the total load on the sides of the bike.
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First and foremost, we are all bikers and we know perfectly well how easy it is to leave home in blazing sunshine and within a few kilometres, be riding through a summer rainstorm.

The K33 is THE waterproof case which will save you in any situation.

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We have designed these cases for maximum integration with the shape of the motorbike. Practical, aerodynamic, safe and stylish: this is the K33.

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Cases / Monokey Side / K33N
  • Kappa studies shells that make the most of all available space and guarantee exceptional load capacities.

  • The in-depth study of the stress dynamics on shells and frames has brought us to develop cases which are able to sustain high load capacities.

  • Side cases produced by Kappa are studied in order to obtain optimal integration with the motorbike and the best compromise between load capacity and aerodynamics.

  • can easily contain a modular helmet.

  • The Monokey SIDE System presents something new with regards to the patented Monokey® system: it incorporates two fixing points on the motorbike, significantly increasing safety and the stability of the cases on the motorbike.

→ K33N

Pair of panniers, capacity 33 ltr, equipped with the new MONOKEY® SIDE fitting system. Black colour

The K33 side case, with a 33 ltr capacity, is supplied with the revolutionary MONOKEY® SIDE fixing system.
Being waterproof is its main characteristic.
The profile of the case has been studied to achieve greater adherence to the bike frame, which also notably increases the aerodynamic aspect.

The innovative high-tech aspects can be summarised as follows:
- The addition of two new fitting points to the system used so far, positioned so as to obtain a considerable increase in safety, resulting in higher stability of the case on the motorcycle.
- Reduction of the overall side encumbrance by inclining the support and use of a new profile for the bottom-shell of the V35 case, thus closely following the lines of the fairing of the motorcycle and therefore considerably improving the aerodynamic aspect.
K-ROAD has a capacity of 33 ltr and won’t change the motorcyclist’s habits and will continue to offer ease of use, as the case is still able to be opened/closed and attached/detached with one key + push button.
Compatible only with the tubular fitting systems KLX and KLXR.




Pair of internal polyester bags for K33N cases


Unification key kit Security Lock for 2 cases, including under lock plates. Compatible with the following models of cases: KGR33 GARDA, KGR46 GARDA, K47, K47NT, K47B, K49, K49NT, K33, K46, K46NT, K37, K37NT, K35, K35NT, K26.