Kappa Riders App

The brand new Kappa Riders App is now available on both the Google Play store and Apple Store!

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the Kappa Riders App is the new App by Kappa Moto, designed and created for all motorcyclists and free spirits who love long or short trips on two-wheels and who are always up for something thrilling and adventurous!

Within the App, users will find a great community of two-wheel travelers sharing their diverse and varied itineraries, which are sure to inspire future travelers. Users of the App can also discover and download details of journeys recommended by Kappa Moto and other users and you can even vote for your favourite!

There is a function to store and track a “live” itinerary, as well as being able to re-build it, customise it and share it with other users and thanks to the amazing Radar feature, users of the App can find other two-wheel enthusiasts in the local area.

Create your profile, chat with other users and let them know where your two-wheels are going to take you and if it’s somewhere far away, it's only far away because you haven’t travelled there yet!

Kappa Riders: Set off, Explore, Find ... and Share!