Model: GSF 650 Bandit / Bandit S / Bandit ABS
Production Year: (05 > 06)
Specific rear rack for MONOKEY® or MONOLOCK® top-case
to be combined with the MONOKEY® KM5, KM7, KM8A, KM8B, KM9A or KM9B plate, or with the MONOLOCK® KM5M or KM6M plate / if combined with KM8A, KM8B, KM9A, KM9B it does not allow the assembly of the stop light kit or the remote control device on the case
Specific screen, smoked 45,7 x 36,5 cm (H x W)
for semi faired version / to be mounted instead of the original screen / 11,7 cm higher than the original
Specific kit to mounting the KS900A Smart Bar
compatible with versions N / S / NA / SA (05> 08)