Brand: KTM
Model: 1290 Super Adventure
Production Year: (15 > 16) / 1290 Super Adventure T (17)
Specific rear rack for MONOLOCK® or MONOKEY® top-case
to be combined with the MONOKEY® KM5, KM7 plate, or with the MONOLOCK® KM5M or KM6M plate
Specific rear rack in anodised aluminium for MONOKEY® top-case
maximum load allowed 6kg / it does not allow the assembly of the stop light kit or the remote control device on the case
Specific rapid release side-case holder for MONOKEY® or RETRO FIT cases
Specific pannier holder for MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE
18 mm diameter
Specific flange for fitting the tank bags with TANKLOCK system
only with tank bag with TANKLOCK system RA311R, RA311R2
Specific kit to mounting the KS900A Smart Bar