Brand: KTM
Model: 1050 Adventure
Production Year: (15 > 16) / 1090 Adventure (17 > 19)
Specific rear rack for MONOLOCK® or MONOKEY® top-case
to be combined with the MONOKEY® KM5, KM7 plate, or with the MONOLOCK® KM5M or KM6M plate
Specific rear rack in anodised aluminium for MONOKEY® top-case
maximum load allowed 6kg / it does not allow the assembly of the stop light kit or the remote control device on the case
Specific rapid release side-case holder for MONOKEY® or RETRO FIT cases
Specific pannier holder for MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE
18 mm diameter
Specific flange for fitting the tank bags with TANKLOCK system
only with tank bag with TANKLOCK system RA311R, RA311R2
Specific screen, transparent 37 x 41 cm (H x W)
to be mounted instead of the original screen / 17 cm higher than original
Specific kit to mounting the KS900A Smart Bar